36 Days of Type


These letters I made as a part of an instagram challenge 36daysoftype. It was a very fun and helpful way for me to explore handdrawn frame by frame animations and liquid motion.


A little more about me

I have a few tricks up my sleeve, besides trying to master motion graphics.

Photo of me

I fell in love with motion graphics almost one year ago, and we have been living happily ever after.πŸ’œ

Before I started my career within the magic of moving pictures I spent a couple of years studying and trying out many different things from philosophy and journalism, to political science and creative writing. Today I keep finding myself applying that background in whatever I do.

I love creating and exploring the world of motion, and I value the place I am doing it in. With a great culture and a continuous improvement on my process is where I thrive.

Contact MeπŸ’Œ

If there is anything I could help you with please send me a note, preferably by owl.

+4670 662 57 62